Hello! Welcome to my plot of space feel free to browse and check out my ‘handicraft’. I...

Always on the pursuit of simple pretty things and consumes innovative designs. A chameleon designer by day who delves deep into the sub consciousness of a brand’s mind and pursues an on going growth in design evolutions and revolutions day by day.

A deep passion for figurative and character illustrations. I always try to approach a piece at a different angle and get those proprioceptors working all the time! A illustrative ninja by night you can find me crafting my skills on paper and on my desktop with my trusty Wacom tablet..

Being the curious creative, one needs a source of fuel...this is my energy source for those late night spirts of inspiration and general day time use for substantial fluid intake. It is also good to clear the body of oils which is why I love pork bulbogi on a near to basis level ^^.


Recent endevours


Trinity College : Arts Award

Art direction, UI, Web design, Widget

The Glenlivet

Assets, Content layout, Thumbnails


Banners, Typography, Photoshop skills

Smoke TV

UI, Web design, Layout, Logo design

Hill & Knowlton

Banners, Typography, Touch ups, layout

Singapore Portal

UI, Web design, Multi nav spotlight
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